August 2010

Kasia is a New Yorker that I met through mutual friends from Los Angeles. On her way to yoga class on a busy Manhattan street, she randomly met an Italian living in Paris. She moved to be with him and has been living in Paris for a year now.

Her guy G was cooking for us and I took notes. I think many people would consider risotto a basic dish to make on a weeknight but after a failed risotto experiment, it’s never made my cooking repertoire.

G was nice enough to talk me through the entire process. A northern Italian who grew up among fishermen giving a cooking demo on chicken sage risotto is one of those things that makes me feel lucky to live in Europe. As an American, people who come from tiny villages and make simple home food just seem so exotic to me.



Here are some left overs from my trip to London.

First, the coffee. There are so many places here that make excellent coffee with people who are devoted to roasting only high-quality beans. It reminds me of the coffee boutique scene in San Francisco. I only tried a handful during my week in London.

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