January 2010

Oh right, you probably wouldn’t find delicious seafood pancakes and Hyte beer at the former.


The Hemingway/Faulkner work ethic never worked for me when I was on deadline but I finally managed to upload some photos after a night of serious drinking on the Eastside.


Dad just told me that Uncle Steve is going to China in May, in my rough Cantonese to English translation, “on a tour with a bunch of fat guys. They’re going to eat all the things that crawl and all the things that fly, like snake, scorpion, stork — the birds that deliver babies. Any animal they catch.”

I don’t know if there is any interest in reading a food blog that didn’t have any pictures. Anyone? Hello, are you out there?!

I’ve been having trouble uploading photos for a few weeks now but to keep with my self-imposed writing schedule I’ll put up photos later.

Our family embarked on an epic China trip this Christmas and we barely survived. Epic since we had 13 relatives in our group; two little munchkins under the age of six who were constantly competing for attention; one elderly control-freak dad and several drivers that nearly got us in deadly collisions. It all ended with us bowing three times around our ancestral home in Kaiping, with incense in hand. That’s very Gilgamesh-esque if you ask me.


I’m taking a cue from Linda, and posting my to-dos for the new year, but sticking to food-related resolutions to keep on topic. This year I will try to