April 2011

I moved abroad in September 2008. What started out as a three-month plan to live and work on French farms has now become over two years living in three different countries: Switzerland, France and now England.

And it all started with cheese.



There’s a Chinese joke that goes like this:

E.T.’s spaceship crashes in China. The different regions can’t agree what to do with him. The Beijingers, being very academic and intellectual, figure, “We should study him in the name of science.” The Shainghainese people, being very money-oriented, disagree, saying, “No, we should put him in a zoo and charge people admission to see him.” The Cantonese are like, “Why don’t we just eat him?”

You can say what you want about these inter-Chinese stereotypes, but  one thing’s certain: my appetite has definitely dictated some of my major life decisions.