November 2010

I’m back in Southern California through the winter. For that, I’m thankful.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by food lately. I haven’t been wanting to eat so much lately, let alone write about it all the time. But here’s a quick rundown about the weekend anyway.

This was my family’s hugest feast yet — 50 guests, three tables of food. I’ll post a photo up in the near future.

My parents have been hosting Thanksgiving for a while now but it’s the kids who cook. We have a system. My brother cooks the proteins, my sister makes the desserts and I  make the sides. The guests end up bringing other things, including things from my cousin’s restaurant so we have Chinese food next to the turkey and the green bean casserole.



I was helping out with a Lunch in the Loft cooking class where there was a lesson on de-boning rabbit.


Hoarding jars of duck fat in my fridge probably stems from the same pathology as some people who keep a stash of Vicodin in their medicine cabinet.

I might never use it, but it’s reassuring to know it’s there if I ever do need it.