March 2010

Way back in the summer, I had started an obsessive search for macarons but silly me never remembered to state for the record that Pierre Hermé is my absolute favorite place for them.



This was a big week for Paris, as it kicked off two major events — Fashion Week and the other invitation-only event, the Salon International De l’Agriciulture. The scalped tickets we bought just outside of the Metro were marked “invitation professionnelle,” so obviously we were as privileged to be at the latter as anyone at the Balenciaga show. It may be similar to the county fair, with the latest in farming technology and the occasional guy walking around cleaning up animal poop in the exhibition halls, but at least there weren’t any carnies, bikers or dudes in wife beaters at the Salon. I doubt you could say the same about Fashion Week.

For a city dweller, seeing the animals was first on the list. I think everyone else who went felt the same, since the animal hall was packed. It was nice seeing all the little baby pigs, calves and lambs. Spring is on its way!