The town of Whitstable, off the Kent coast, has been an oyster haven since the Romans discovered it thousands of years ago. In July, the town hosts its annual Oyster Festival but we missed it by just a week!

Festival or not, the weather was great, so a couple of us took a train out from London and headed east to take in some sun for the day.

Oysters were still plentiful so we didn’t miss out.

Kathryn and I wandered off while the rest of the group napped on the pebble beach. We found this charming, old timey ice cream shop.

It was a great day but my one regret was that we didn’t eat fish & chips on the beach. I was determined to have some even after stuffing myself on a huge lunch upstairs of the Crab & Winkle.

Still, we managed to have fresh donuts before we left. They were delicious, especially topped with ice cream. Even Andrew Worrall Thompson said this place had “The best donuts on the Kent coast.”