A few weeks ago I was in East Sussex for a barnyard wedding (and square dancing). The bride and groom, food and wine enthusiasts, served their guests copious amounts of champagne and Bordeaux. And since it was an English summer wedding, there was also a table lined with Pimms-filled glasses. It was a lovely wedding indeed.

Unfortunately, I got a little carried away with the alcohol, but at least I left before they brought out the brandy!

Brighton is only a fifteen minute train ride away from Barcombe so it made sense that I spend the night at my friend Steph’s new flat up the road from the train station. Luckily, the futon was low to the ground so I had no problem getting into bed.

However, I could barely get up the next morning. Previous hangover cures have included ramen, toast, water and fizzy drinks. I tried all of the above. Steph suggested a Sunday roast but I could barely get out of the flat. So we had this instead:

I forgot about this dish, it being so long since I actually had a can of span in any of my kitchens in the last five years. Spam with scrambled eggs and sticky short grain rice is the Hawaiian breakfast of champions and comfort food to a lot of kids back home. I get a bit squeamish when I see it straight from the can, with its Franken-meat embryonic-aspic jelly, but when it’s soaked in soy sauce and sugar, then fried, I am taken back to my childhood: weekend spam fried rice lunch after Chinese school, making spam musubi (fried spam and rice rolled with nori) at highschool food fairs.

And now, as an adult, a late afternoon hangover cure.