It’s salad season and I seem to be missing out. While I think California wins when it comes to making delicious, healthy and satisfying salads, my favorite thing in Paris was going to my weekly neighborhood farmers market. I looked forward to walking down to the market on Sundays and strolling up and down the different stalls.

I miss the noises, the colors and the smells. But above all, the variety. I miss all the variety of salad greens, olives and vegetables that I would find there. This was absolute joy for me. And I was just beginning to be able to identify most of the different leaves in French.

As much as I am enjoying London, food shopping here has not been nearly as exciting or fun. Salads leaves at the supermarket are usually pre-cut and pre-packaged and the closest farmers market in Peckham has a whopping two veggie stands. The vege is decent and the farmers are lovely but it’s just not the same. And Borough Market, I’ve discovered, is mostly a fancy (and yummy) food court. If you love cooking meat, it’s also a great place to find it. But I want my spring / summer salad fixings and not have to trek 2 miles to find it! Ou est le frisée? Batavia? Feuille de chêne!

The salade lyonnaise is from a resto in the 11eme. The best salad and overall meal I had last year in Paris. I’m keeping its name off the web as it doesn’t ever seem to get coverage, which I think is great. But if you want the address, you will have to email me for it!