For many Americans, the kitchen has become such an essential room when considering a home. So I could empathize with this lady’s search for a proper kitchen in Paris and it made me think back to my tiny place in the 7eme. I had a kitchen nook, with only a tiny fridge, sink and two hotplate burners. No oven. Even my first Paris apartment in the 13eme, which was adorable and decently sized for Paris, lacked an oven. It pained me that I wasn’t able to take advantage of cooking wonderful things with the aid of an oven. It’s no wonder I never felt cozy at either place.

My quality of life in London has improved dramatically. I’m cooking all the time. I mean, look at this kitchen! It’s perfect for making roasts, tagines and soups. I’ve even started to bake.

One of my favorite aspects of this kitchen is the wooden table, which you can kind of see. I think it’s so important! In Paris, people don’t socialize in the kitchen and it’s usually not a place for guests. But this is where I usually hang out with my flatmates and friends.

Lots of proper knives, pots, pans and appliances that a transient like me could never acquire in the last three years living abroad. It obviously helps that one of my flatmates loves to cook and writes about food.

I like the set of Maxwell & Williams storage jars and its apothecary look.

It’s nice to say that so far, I’m feeling at home in London.