I’m back in Southern California through the winter. For that, I’m thankful.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by food lately. I haven’t been wanting to eat so much lately, let alone write about it all the time. But here’s a quick rundown about the weekend anyway.

This was my family’s hugest feast yet — 50 guests, three tables of food. I’ll post a photo up in the near future.

My parents have been hosting Thanksgiving for a while now but it’s the kids who cook. We have a system. My brother cooks the proteins, my sister makes the desserts and I  make the sides. The guests end up bringing other things, including things from my cousin’s restaurant so we have Chinese food next to the turkey and the green bean casserole.

My brother was also home for the long weekend. This is what we ate and some of the highlights:

Lazy Ox — the glass of Russian River pinot noir, fried surf clams

Com Tam Thuan Kieu– nem noung

OB Bear —  (very, very) spicy fried chicken

Caña Rum Bar — the tiki cocktails

Elite — the fried Chinese doughnut wrapped in rice noodle

All very good, delicious things, but my heart wasn’t into all this eating. What happened to me?