I have a very bad habit of being fixated on a food for weeks at a time and eating nothing but until I get completely sick of it.

It happened once with fried foods, when my friends got me a deep fat fryer in college and I was deep frying things almost every week which culminated into this insane deep-fry party and the apartment ended up smelling like a greasy taco/burger stand. We all ended up passed out on the couch, our stomachs coated in canola oil.

There was a two-month period when I only wanted to eat pho and I went on a pho crawl on Valley Boulevard from Alhambra to Rosemead.

I go through too many phases like that in life.

This month’s artery clogging adventure is duck. So you saw the confit photos. The following Saturday I went to the farmers market to buy some eggs but saw some really nice looking duck legs. I bought a bunch of them. After my local butcher sharpened my knife, I went to work on them, deboning two of them and making a stir-fry. I was too hungry to go to the Chinese market to buy fivespice so I just used hoisin sauce and honey. It was still really good.

What else should I do with duck? Any suggestions? I was thinking of making duck burritos, duck pasta, duck curry, duck fried rice, duck in lentils…