Slideluck Potshow is a place for photographs to showcase their work to the local public. Before the slideshow begins, people are supposed to bring food to share.

There were a couple of salads, quiches, cheese, chips and dip. But like most potlucks where it’s bring what you want, it was heavy on the desserts. There were some stands by professional cooking groups, including a Paris culinary school, Cook’n with Class:

The slideshow had over fifty photographers in it. My favorite work was a series of cities photographed by Giovanni Del Brenna. There was good music playing along with the photos too.

The event originally began in the founder’s backyard in Seattle in 2000. His name is Casey Kelbaugh and he’s a photographer who wanted to get other artists together to share their work with each other. Then he took it to New York where it blew up big time. He brought the event to Europe several times but it took four years for it to finally come to Paris.

I’m not so surprised that Paris was the last major city for this quirky event to take place. (Group things are slow-going here, except during strikes and situations where cheap-ass people  “stick it to the Man.”) I just had to include that article, so go read it. It’s a wickedly funny piece.