The Hemingway/Faulkner work ethic never worked for me when I was on deadline but I finally managed to upload some photos after a night of serious drinking on the Eastside.

I still think that my beloved home town has the best drinking places anywhere. There is something for everyone so that no alcoholic feels left out. First I have to say that the Dresden Room seems to be full of over-aged fratty types, though it may always have been that way. Second, Little Joy is just plum strange these days. They seemed to have put a fresh coat of puke green paint inside but the once charmingly grotty dive really now seemed to appeal to barely legal suburban hipsters. We left as soon as we walked in. We finally made camp at El Prado which was just right. Really good music and they even played Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl,” which is one of those songs that, when played, is a sign that you are in a good place.

That has absolutely nothing to do with China except that perhaps LA has a more diverse drinking atmosphere than Shanghai. That’s the most insight I can offer at this hour. And if I had to make some kind of connection  between LA bars and uploading photos from my Christmas trip, then it would be this: the following foods would have been best eaten with drink in hand.

Grilled baby birds with green pepper

Fried soft shell crab on a stick