Ah, Ladurée.

Everything, from the precious packaging to the servers in their little pin-striped vests, makes me swoon when I walk by one of their little shops. This place is probably on most people’s to-eat list when they visit Paris and I don’t blame them. Ladurée is like French chic contained in a walk-in jewel box. They even have a little Ladurée cart at the airport.

Paris 161

Here’s Ann, my old high school buddy, at her final French tasting spot before hopping onto the plane back to LA. She became a macaron addict as soon as she had her first French macaron in the 6th.

Ladurée is just so freaking cute. I love the aesthetic; the pastels and guilded detailing, especially. There are four shops in Paris, each tearoom with a different theme. I’ve been to two: the one in the 6th has this Chinese opium den aesthetic going on and the original in the 8th is more classically French tearoom with frescoes — I would describe it as kind of baroque Haussman.

My favorite flavor at Ladurée? Citron with citronella.

laduree-louboutin-468x351They currently have a seasonal macaron with figue and date  called the Louboutin, apparently a collaborative effort with the shoe guy. The macaron is the signature Louboutin two-tone, one side red and the other black. I’m no foot fetishist so will stay away from conflating  shoes and/or feet with eating, thank you very much.

But are their macarons really infallible? Stay tuned…