I am living in Paris right now. All by happenstance, really. So it’s looking like my blog will probably become another one of those Delicious-Things-I Ate-While-In-Paris blogs for the next few months. Well I’m not complaining!

Despite loving a good adventure, for the most part, I am a creature of comfort. I moved into the 13th arrondisement, which is considered Chinatown in these parts and I was in awe for the first two weeks of the Asian supermarkets and Vietnamese restaurants in my neighborhood.

So I spent my first few days in Paris happily strolling through the aisles of Tang Freres, Paris Store and other Asian supermarkets, just giddy that I could get pork bones, tofu, frozen gyoza and dark, leafy greens for cheap.

Here’s my small, but properly equipped kitchenette:

apartment 003

The first thing I made in my kitchen was chicken broth since you can’t find the canned stuff here. Everything is in cube form. How you cubify broth, I have no idea.

Other things about my neighborhood that brings me joy:

  • On weekends, people hawk all sorts of Viet snacks like banh cuon and pirated DVDs. Some markets are open too. So Sundays do not feel like a ghost town here, like most of Paris.
  • It’s nice hearing different languages here besides French and English, but especially Cantonese!
  • Limes here are cheap. And you can always find cilantro and mint.
  • They have banh mi and dim sum stands out here!